When cybersecurity and serenity are one

Our concept

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It will alert you in case of

@Connection attempt
@Data theft
@Connection to illicit sites
@Connection to illegal sites

Coupled with the IOs and Android application, Secur'Egg will offer you some new features

@Parental control
@Block/accept connections
@Update of vulnerable devices
@Provides bandwidth control
@Manage connected objects
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Your home security advisor

The technology you expect

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Something you never saw before in the cybersecurity

With a innovate and unique technology, you no longer have to worry about your wi-fi network.

Easy to use

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Green light means that s your secur’egg is on (operational) and your wifi network is safe.

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Secur’egg light yellow, alerts you of a changement of your wifi status.

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Lighting red, your secur’egg alerts you of a potential major problem on your wifi.


Modification of the status of your secur’egg, still discreet with his elegant design.

About the design

For you, we had think and create refined and elegant design to suit all interiors.

In your home

Contact us

Aitivity - Secur'Egg
28 Rue Montgrand
13006 Marseille

Phone: +33 9 82 44 78 41